Hitachi 1.8L Rice Cooker RZDMA18YRE
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Retail Price: S$399.00
IN-HOUSE OFFER: S$208.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)

You Save: S$191.00
Hitachi 1.8L Rice Cooker RZDMA18YRE

Super Deluxe 1.8L Rice Cooker

Key Highlights

  • Super Deluxe 1.8L, Fuzzy Control
  • MICOM, 1000W High Power Slow Cooking
  • New menu - Brown Rice Porridge & Sticky Rice Steaming
  • Thicker Special Black Inner Pot 1.5mm
  • Poly Flon Coat
  • Rapid Cooking
  • Steam Cap/Tray
  • DELUXE Red

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Panasonic 1.0L Rice Cooker SRTEM10MGSH
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