LG Bagless Type Vacuum Cleaner VC1016NND
Model: VC1016NND
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LG Bagless Type Vacuum Cleaner VC1016NND
LG Bagless Type Vacuum Cleaner VC1016NND

This LG mini will be the solution for your cleaning needs and hassle. It will provide you lasting cleaning performance without the hassle of having to buy additional paper bags. Plus the compact and round design will enrich your convenience and style.

Easy Removable Tank; Easy to Clean

One simple step to separate the dust tank and filter, and easy emptying of dust. You can rinse the dust tank and filter with water, without the hassle of scrubbing.

Ellipse Cyclone System

The elliptical cyclonic system continuously creates strong centrifugal force to effectively separate the dust and the air so that suction power lasts longer. As such, this maintains the actual cleaning ability of the cleaner.

Low maintenance

Being a cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner that does not need the worries of purchasing additional dust bags, all you need to do is empty the dust tank after cleaning and washing the pre-filter once a month.

Compact Size

LG mini is super light-weight and compact enough to carry around the household for easy cleaning.

Easy Simple Dust Dumping

Dust separation system collects the dust on one side of the dust tank. As the cyclone action sends over the dust to the other side of the dust tank, the air passes through the cone of the mini Ellipse system. Hence, the dust is collected on the one side of the dust tank that all it takes is to make a shake of the wrist to empty the dust and debris.


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